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Discover some of our clients’ use cases and take a pic of what we are ready to accomplish for our customers.

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Cloudjungle is your Salesforce innovation partner, a major economic player involved in business transformation. Through the digitalization of your CRM processes, Salesforce helps your organization build and implement a unique, flexible and state-of-the-art digital strategy.

Subsidiary of the Keyrus group, Cloudjungle capitalizes on the data & digital experience of its parent company. Cloudjungle provides you with strong Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud expertise, combined with technical mastery of applications such as Einstein Analytics and many other essential embedded apps, which can be deployed from AppExchange (the dedicated marketplace for Salesforce’s apps).

Our objective is to combine the agility of a small structure and the strengths of the Keyrus consulting group, in order to support and advise our clients throughout the their solution’s lifecycle.

  • Cloudjungle gives the ability to choose a turnkey Salesforce implementation, in Quickstart mode, within 5 days after scoping.
Use case # 1: the Quickstart implementation of Salesforce for a financial investment consulting company.

A firm specializing in the management of financial investments for individuals needed to set up a common client base for its six sales representatives.

This is a tailor-made mission for Cloudjungle! Following the implementation of the Sales Cloud brick of Salesforce, our consultants have configured the business processes as close as possible to the reality on the ground, and created the reports and dashboards which were essential for monitoring sales efforts.

1 turnkey solution, adapted to each use

  • Cloudjungle also provides its ability to code programs that enrich your version of Salesforce, to tailor your operational issues in record time.
Use case n ° 2: the development of a geolocation and intervention planning program.

The two partners of an international company working on water quality were asking themselves this question about their installed fleet of pumps and filters on the water network.

Another perfect mission for Cloudjungle! Our Sales Cloud and Salesforce Maps consultants collected data from accounts, contacts and products, then they created operating procedures allowing all the installed sites and intervention needs to be displayed on an interactive geographic map, updated in real time.

Get the most out of Salesforce

  • Cloudjungle provides a 360 ° expertise with recommendations covering the entire Salesforce application universe, oriented towards best practices.
Use case n ° 3: unifying databases and business processes

For a training and coaching organization, renowned in its sector, the need for a single client repository had become urgent.

Cloudjungle was entrusted with the mission of setting up three complementary tools: Sales Cloud, Inbox and Quip. Following the data transfer (accounts, contacts and invoices), our consultants digitized the business processes so that they match with the typical needs of a training organization. And then the salespeople were trained!

Get the most out of your data and make the right decisions

  • Cloudjungle also offers a niche expertise in applications that are now essential to allow an enriched use of your Salesforce CRM platform, such as Einstein Analytics or Marketing Cloud.
Use case n ° 4: the implementation of Marketing Cloud to set up B2C customer paths.

The marketing department of a children’s story editor wanted to communicate with their B2C customers in a personalized way.

This is where our Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants come in. Their data modeling and processing gave better visibility on the contacts; then the application of filters, associated with the creation of routes, enabled advanced segmentation. All they had to do from there, was to set up the sending of automated emails, and to train end users!

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